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October 1, 2002 to October 15, 2002
EDGEWOOD needs boys team for varsity basketball tournament Dec. 5-7. Contact Jay Jameson at 903 896-2235 or home 903 896-7036.
SAN ANTONIO HOLMES HS needs a 9,JV,V game for Dec. 20. Call Coach Ramiro DeLeon @ 210-706-7052 or 210-706-7675.
BROWNWOOD HS girls are looking for teams for a J.V. tournament Dec. 5,6,7. We also have Junior High dates that we need to fill. Call (915) 646-0703 ext.4158 or e-mail
JOSHUA HS Boys need 9-V game Nov. 19. Contact Lloyd Vedder (817)558-4703.
GALVESTON HS Boys Basketball needs 1 game at all levels: We have open dates of: Nov. 12, Nov. 19, or Dec. 3. We will travel if necessary. Please Contact Jerry Herd or Chris Gross @ 409-766-5754.
RICHARDSON HS JV and Varsity games needed: November 30, December 3, December 6 Call Adam Gerhart Home: 972-442-1292 Work: 469-593-3111 or e-mail
JASPER HS boys need first scrimmage. Contact Clay Davis at (409)382-1321 or e-mail
ALLEN HS (5A North Dallas): Boys Varsity needs 1 team for 16 team tournament on Nov. 21-23 (4 games guaranteed). JV boys need 1 team for one game in their shoot-out on Nov. 16. Contact Brad Freeman at office: 972-727-0400 ext. 3258 or Home: 972-727-5103 or e-mail
THORNDALE girls looking for a game on November 14. Freshman, J.V., & Varsity. Call Bradley Dickerson @ wk.(512)898-2842 or @ hm. (512)365-8681. Any classification.
INGRAM TOM MOORE HS (3A) VG Basketball needs a home game on Nov. 25th. Also need teams for Ingram F/JV Girl's BB Tourney on Dec. 5-7. Contact Jodi Choate (830) 367-4111 or e-mail
HOWE HS Need jv-v boys games Dec. 10. Contact Tim Rose 903-532-5222-Ext. 228.
COMO-PICKTON HS (2A) Boys need game on 12/10 (2A-4A), Girls need game 11/22 & 12/3. Contact Greg Strawn at 903-488-3080 or e-mail
SCHULENBURG HS Boys needs both scrimmages and needs games on 11/14, 11/15, 11/16, 11/21, 11/23, 1/2, and 1/4.Also need jrhi and jv tournaments. Also hosting jrhi tournament on 12/6 + 12/7 and JV tournament on 12/12 + 12/14 - have openings in both. Contact Richard Hoogendoorn(s)979-743-3605 or (h)979-743-2803 or e-mail
MARION 3A east of San Antonio needs Varsity girls scrimmage. Contact Ron Glazener at 830-914-2803 ext.422 or e-mail
DEL VALLE HS near austin needs a game on nov. 19th. any classification. contact marvin hall at 512-386-3262 or e-mail
ANGLETON HS (4A) Needs one varsity game on Nov. 22, 23, Nov. 30, or Dec. 30. Also need 1 team for J.V. Tournament on Nov. 21-23. Paul Eubanks at 979-345-3080 hm., 979-849-8206 ext. 541 or e-mail
HEARNE HS (2A) Girls need a game on December 13 home or away. Contact Joe Downey (979)279-2332 or (979)694-1963 or e-mail
SLOCUM HS VG, JVB, VB need game nov.15. Also need a VG and VB team for Slocum Tourney Dec.5-7. Jamie Masonheimer @ school (903) 478-3624 or home (903) 723-5209.
VICTORIA MEMORIAL HS Boys (5A) need a game for Jan. 3 or 4, or Nov. 25, or Dec. 16. Contact John Grammer at (S) 361-788-9761, (H) 361-574-9169, or e-mail
SOUTHWEST HS (Ft. Worth) Girls need JV team for tournament on Nov. 21-23. Contact Joy Gafford (817)370-5800 or (817)980-2869.
ANAHUAC HS Coach Tony Hancock needs two Varsity boys teams for its annual Gator Classic Tournament. Nov. 21-23. Call 409-267-3012 or 409-267-3521 at school. 409-267-3160 at Home or e-mail
LAKE WORTH HS Coach (3A) need games for F, JV, and Varsity girls on Dec. 17. Contact Lynette Wolf (817) 237-1491 option 8 ext. 333 or e-mail James Crafton
NEW BRAUNFELS HS needs 2 boys varsity teams for tournament weekend of Dec. 12 and 13. Also need 1 Junior Varsity boys team weekend of Dec. 5 and 6. Contact John Schwarz 830-627-6050.
EDGEWOOD HS needs varsity boys team for tournament on Dec. 5-7. Three game guarantee. Contact Jay Jameson 903 896-2235 or at home 903-896-7036.
PEASTER HS boys need teams for tournament on Dec 5 -7. 3 game minimum, 12 - 16 team tournament. Also need a scrimmage in the Fort Worth area on November 9th.
WHARTON HS Boys, AAA, SW of Houston needs a game January 7th, Var, JV, and 9th. Also, need a tournament December 5-7. Contact Randy Watson, 979-532-6816, or e-mail
DENTON RYAN HS Boys need 9/JV/V game on Dec. 10. Will play Away. Contact Richard Scofield at school at 940-369-3164 or at home 940-383-0256.
JOSHUA HS boys need game Nov 19 due to cancellation. 9-V. Contact Lloyd Vedder at (817)558-4703.
GONZALES boys varsity needs a game or holiday tournament weekend before or after Christmas. V/JV/Fr also needs a game Nov. 15 or 16. Please contact David Peavy at (210) 744-6349.
POTEET HS south of S.A. need boy's varsity teams for tourney Dec. 12-14. 1A-4A or private schools. Call Coach Coronado at (s)830-742-3304 ext.1814 or(h)276-3296.
BURNET MS (3A northwest of Austin) needs Junior High Boys and Girls Basketball Games on Monday, Dec. 16. Split sites B/G 7 and 8, A@B Teams. Contact Mike Cavender 512-756-6182 office 512-756-0904 home or e-mail
AUSTIN-ANDERSON (4A)- Girls v, jv, and 9th need game on December 3rd- will travel.
VICTORIA MEMORIAL HS GIRLS NEED GAMES ON NOV. 30! 9th, JV, Var. Please contact Matt Garrett at 361-788-9791(o) or 361.485.1911(h).
BELLEVUE HS (1A) JV/V girls need games home or away Dec. 20. Contact Tommy Sims or Lynn Cook (940) 928-2104.
GONZALES HS (between San Antonio and Houston off IH-10) needs 1 boys varsity team for its tournament Dec. 6-7. 3 game minimum. Boy's also looking for a holiday tournament or single game weekend before or after Christmas, and a game Nov. 15 or 16. Please contact David Peavy at(210)744-6349.
AUSTIN ANDERSON (4A) Girls(all levels) need a game on Dec. 3rd. will travel. Please contact John Barfield (512)841-1586, (512) 219-0345 or e-mail
WACO VANGUARD (TAPPS 3A) Varsity girls need game on Dec 6 or tournament Dec 5-7. Contact Nathan Barber at 254-214-0513 or e-mail
BRAZOS (2A) needs V,JV,F Boys games for 12-6, need J.V. games for 12-17, 1-24. Contact Michael McDonald via e-mail
PRINCETON 3A near Dallas needs the first scrimmage on Nov 5 and a game on December 28th. Contact Robert J. Erger II Assistant Principal Princeton High School 972-736-2431 972-736-5902 Fax or e-mail
KRUM HS JV-V girls need game on Nov. 19th (Tues) away. Any class. Possible 4A-5A JV. Contact at 940-482-6000+540.
PORT ARTHUR MEMORIAL HS girls Var, JV, 9th need games on Dec. 17 & Dec. 30. Home or away. Any class. Please contact Mark Honea at 409-626-2354(h) or 409-962-0539(s).
SCHULENBURG (2A) girls JV & Var need a game on Nov. 12 and Nov. 22. Home or away. (A-4A. Contact Lisa Hess at 979-743-3400 ext. 243.
ROGERS HS girls need game on Nov. 22. Home or away. Var, JV, 9th. Contact Haley Doggett at 254-642-3224(s).
LIBERTY HILL Girls basketball F,JV,V on Dec.10, Dec.17 - will play home or away , any classification. We are also looking for a scrimmage on Nov.5 or Nov.7 - We are class 3A - contact Tanya Lott by e-mail
Games needed 11/14 or 15, 11/ 19, 12/13. F/JV/V. Contact Jimmy Arendt at 972-292-1840 ext 2021 or by e-mail
AKINS HS in Austin needs a varsity boys basketball game on either December 3rd or December 6th. Contact Brad Ingram at (512) 841-9952 or by e-mail
ROXTON HS needs a game on November 25 or 26 home or away . Contact Coach McKnight at 903 346-3211 ex. 16.
VAN HORN HS (between Midland and El Paso) is needing one Varsity boys team and One varsity girls team for our tournament Dec 12th -14th please contact Allan Kostedt (915) 283-2245 ex 20 or by e-mail
SA COLE HS is looking for a girl's Jv & Varsity game on November 12th, home or away. Please contact Tina Guerrero at (210)368-8730 ext.7029 (div. 1A-3A).
NAVARRO boys need team for varsity tournament Dec. 5-7, A-3A or small private, also need freshmen games. Contact Jay Lyles at (830)372-1931.


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