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December 1, 2002 to December 15, 2002
ROY MILLER HS girls have had someone cancel a game on Dec. 17th. I will play 9th, JV, and Varsity girls or just varsity. We will travel. Please contact Coach Kim Ratliff - Head girls' coach Corpus Christi, TX at (361)884-4963 ext 632 (voice mail)or email!
HOWE HS boys need games on Dec. 10,13,14, JV & Varsity. Contact Tim Rowe at 903-532-5222 x228 or 903-532-6171(home).
EARLY INVITATION TO THE 20th ANNUAL TOAST OF THE COAST Girls Basketball Tournament. DATE: November 28th & 29th, 2003 (The Friday and Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving) Location: Victoria Memorial and Stroman Campus. 16 Teams. 4 Game Guarantee. This will be a AAA-AAAAA tournament only. We will expand the tournament from 16 to 24 if that need is necessary. If you are interested please call Matt Garrett at 361-788-9791, or email
STEPHENVILLE JH Need a 7th and 8th Grade Girl's "B" Team for a tournament on January 17-18, 2003, at the Stephenville Jr. High. Please contact D'Anna Green at 254-968-6967 or email
MUENSTER HS Varsity Boys and Girls need a game on December 20th. 2A or below. Please email
NECHES HS Varsity Boys/JV Boys need game on Jan. 20 or 21. Please contact Kevin Clark 903-584-3459 school or 903-723-2359 home. Please email
GATESVILLE HS needs one boy's varsity team for GATESVILLE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT this next weekend Dec. 12-14, 2002. We will take any class. It is a 3 game guarantee tournament. Please contact Brian Edwards at 254-865-8281 or 254-865-7264 or home: 254-865-8485 or email
VICTORIA MEMORIAL HS Girls Basketball needs a game on Friday December 20th (Varsity, JV, F). Please contact Matt Garrett @ (361) 788.9791 office at anytime or email

December 16, 2002 to December 30, 2002
COAHOMA HS (AA near Big Spring) is looking for a Boys holiday tournament on either December 30-31, or January 2,3,4. We lost a tournament because our school was shut down on December 13,14,15,&16. We had an outbreak of the flu, and we were not allowed to play in the tournament that weekend. Please contact: Kim Nichols 915-394-4755; 915-394-4535, or email
HARPER HS varsity girls need a game on Monday December 30, 2002 class A, AA, or AAA. Will travel. Contact Rose Buxton at 830-864-4044 ext. 405 or email Tommy Simmons
ST. ANTHONY HS Need game on Sat., Dec.21 for boys' varsity. Call Mike Barborak at St. Anthony H.S.(S.A.) at 210-262-5642(C) or 210-832-5625(O) or 210-481-0701(H). Will play any classification.
DECATUR HS Needs a boys varsity tournament on Dec26-28 or game due to cancelation of our tournament last week-end because of flu. Possibly a game on one of those days. Joe Berry (940)627-2155(s) (940)627-1245(h) or email
BURNET HS Girls Middle School needs a 7th and 8th A Team Tournament in January. If you have any openings contact Mike Cavender 512-756-6182 (school) 512-756-0904 (home).
COOPER HS (AA): needs both a boys JV and Varsity game for Dec.30 and a varsity game for Jan. 3. will play A-AAA. Thanks. Please call Ron Hanks @ (903)461-2244.
LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY TAPPS AA in Dallas. Need boy's varsity games or tournament Dec. 27 - 31. Please contact Kyle Leath at 903-738-9586.
STEPHENVILLE BOYS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Need two 7th Grade "A" teams for Stephenville Boys Basketball Tournament on January 24-25, 2003. Please contact D'Anna Green at 254-968-6967. ALSO: Need two 8th Grade "A" teams for Stephenville Boys Basketball Tournament on January 10-11, 2002. Please contact D'Anna Green at 254-968-6967.

January 1, 2003 to January 15, 2003
NORTH TEXAS HOLIDAY SHOWCASE, which is being held at Prosper, Celina and Krum High Schools needs boys and girls teams to fill 64 team Christmas Tournament for 2003. 32 Girls and 32 Boys Teams. DATES: December 29-31, 2003. 1A-3A Varsitys. Contact Craig Nelson at 972-346-2455 or by e-mail
W-2 WEST TEXAS SHOOT-OUT is looking for varsity boys teams for December 2003 Tourney. Held at Odessa College. Some guarantee money available. Call John Wilfert at 915-335-6574 or by e-mail

January 15, 2003 to January 31, 2003
STONY POINT HS(Round Rock) is looking for an out of town varsity boy's tournament that helps pay some of the expenses. Please contact Jonathan Lamb at (512) 428-7228 or email
OGLESBY HS is looking for girls' teams for scrimmage on Saturday Nov. 8th at home. A-4A varsity or 5A JV. Contact Kyle Sivadon at 918-633-4962.
LEGGETT HS varsity boys have an open game date for the 2003-04 schedule as follows: Jan. 13, 2004. Will play Class A-3A opponents. Contact Terry Young, Head Boys Coach at (936) 398-2830(work) or at home at (936) 699-2875.
BYERS HS needs boys & girls games for Nov. 21, Dec. 9 & Dec. 12. Also, need varsity boys & varsity girls teams (1A-3A) for tournament on Dec. 4-6. Contact Tony Nichols or Ray Keith at 940-529-6224 or email

February 1, 2003 to February 15, 2003
WACO VANGUARD (TAPPS 3A) varsity girls need a warm-up game on February 11, 2003. Call Nathan Barber at 254-715-0098 or email
VICTORIA MEMORIAL boys need games for Nov. 18, Dec. 27, 2003 and Jan 2, 3, 6, 2004. We also need teams for the Victoria Classic on Dec. 11, 12, & 13, 2003. 5 games guaranteed. WE will pay for 5 rooms for 2 nights. Contact John Grammer at 361-788-9761(s), 361-574-9169(h), or email
Falls City High School has opeinings for dates in November 2003 for both Girls & Boys Vasity Games. Contact Coach David Brock, Falls City H.S. (830) 254-3551.
Hico (2A) Boys and Girls need Fr., JV, and Varsity games on December 19 and Jan. 2, 6, & 9. Please call Coach Stephen Heers at work (254) 796-2184 or at home (254) 965-6469.
Byers (1A near Wichita Fall) Boys and Girls need HOME games for November 21st and January 6th. Contact Tony Nichols or Ray Keith at (940) 529-6224 or e-mail
Falls City High School has openings for Boys and Girls games on the following dates: November 18, 2003; November 21, 2003; January 23, 2004; and February 6, 2004.Contact Coach David Brock(830) 254-3551


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