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July 19, 2002
OGLESBY High School Girls need two scrimmages. Will scrimmage any class varsity or 3A-5A JV/Freshman. Contact Head Coach Kyle Sivadon 918-633-4962 or 254-772-7674

July 22, 2002
JOSHUA boys need game on Dec. 31. 9A-V. Home or away or Varsity game only Dec. 27 or 28. Contact Lloyd Vedder at 817-556-2705 or by email
FOSTER-LAMAR ISD Needs one 9th Grade A and B team for a tournament on Nov. 16. Contact Jerry Haines at 281-762-4044.
FW ARLINGTON HEIGHTS JV/Varsity boys need a game on either Dec. 6th or 7th. Any class; home or away. Contact Troy Bell at school 817-377-7200 or home 817-483-7422 or by email

July 23, 2002
HICO Varsity boys need a game on Dec. 28. Home or away and will play Class A-AAA. Contact Richard Pringle at 254-796-2184 ext. 230.

July 24, 2002
NORTH SHORE 9th A and B girls need tournaments on Nov. 14-16 and Dec. 12-14. 9th B need games on several dates. Call 713-862-2461. or by email

July 25, 2002
GARRISON Girls need JV and Varsity game on Dec. 20. Home or away. Also need JV tournaments. Contact Gordon Fountain 936-347-7043 or email

July 26, 2002
FAIRFIELD Boys team needed for tournament Dec. 12-14 - tournament sponsored by Chamber of Commerce. Contact Joey Worley at 903-389-5295 (home) or 903-389-4177 (school) or email

July 28, 2002
VICTORIA MEMORIAL HS Need a JV/F tournament in December. Contact: Matt Garrett at 361-485-1911 (home) or email
RICHLAND 9th, JV & Varsity need game Nov. 26. JV & Varsity also need a game on Nov. 15 or 16. Call 817-547-7110 (school) or 817-640-3998 (home).

July 31, 2002
MACARTHUR HS - ALDINE ISD needs 1 sophmore tournament Nov. 21-23, 9A tournament Dec. 12-14, 9B need two tournaments Dec. 26-28... or ...Soph, 9A, 9B need a single game set on Nov. 22-23, Dec. 13-14, Dec. 27-28. Please call Rick German at 832-594-6204 or email
ALDINE ISD needs two teams for Varsity boys basketball tournament on Nov. 21-23, 2002. Contact AD Joe Young at 281-985-6100.


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